The Handbook of Culture and Psychology

The importance of culture in understanding all aspects of human behavior is no longer debated in contemporary psychology or in any other field of science that purports to study human behavior. Culture is an important antecedent to and consequence of behavior, and it aids in facilitating and restricting behavior. As such, culture is a topic of major relevance for students and professionals in all fields of complex human behavior, theoretically sophisticated psychologists and other social scientists, and social and behavioral scientists who have had the experience of living in or visiting other cultures or those contemplating doing so in the future.

This book conveys this excitement by capturing the evolution of cross-cultural psychology across the history of work in this field like a snapshot in time. This book is unique in being the only one of its kind that attempts to do so in this burgeoning, yet important, area of psychological inquiry. While other books on cross-cultural psychology exist, of course, this volume is the only one available that provides an account of the current state of cross-cultural psychology across a wide range of topics that are well representative at the highest scholarly level of the vast topic areas encompassed within the discipline. Several important and unique characteristics of this book ensure that it portrays the excitement and evolution of cross-cultural psychology described here.



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