How Agriculture was Invented During the Stone Age

It is believed that women were the “inventors” of agriculture, as they began applying observations to their gathering in order to maximize their returns. Plant varieties were chosen for their nutritional value and ease of production, and locations were chosen based on their favorable growing conditions. During this same period, men began domesticating animals, either becoming nomadic herdsmen, or stationary husbandmen. The change from the nomadic to agrarian lifestyle was facilitated by climate and driven by population. As the earth warmed after the zenith of the ice age, the land was especially fertile. When the nomadic lifestyle became threatened by population increase, this change is climate aided our ancestors in making the change to an agrarian lifestyle. These important lifestyle changes mark the beginning of the Neolithic or New Stone Age. Women began to make textiles that provided warmth and clothing with sewing needles were fashioned out of animal bones.


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