Man and Culture: An Evaluation of the Work of Malinowski

The essays here are not eulogies but evaluations. Their viewpoints are essentially personal and therefore by no means all the same. Their intention is to try and give, after a lapse of much more than a decade since Malinowski’s death, a clear notion of his contribution to his chosen subject, in terms of its meaning for a student today. This subject, the science of man as seen in the regularities and significance of man’s social behaviour, has of necessity been split up rather arbitrarily by the originators of this volume into a number of themes. Not every major aspect of Malinowski’s work has been thus separately treated. For example, his concept of function and his use of psycho-analytical theory are mentioned, though somewhat briefly, under other heads. But it will probably be agreed that the essays as a set do give a synoptic view of the main strength and weakness of Malinowski’s contribution and its modern relevance.


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