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Cultural Anthropology of Health and Healing

Three theoretical approaches exist in understanding human health. First, is the epidemiological or the ecological approach. This approach examines the way culture and the natural environment interact to create the patterns of which result in health and disease. The second … Continue reading

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Race as a Social Construct

Often times the word social construct is thrown around in various theoretical and general works without ever being defined or discussed. However, understanding what is meant by race as a social construct is vital to understanding the capacity race has … Continue reading

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The Power of Feasts – From Prehistory to the Present

In this book, Brian Hayden provides the first comprehensive, theoretical work on the history of feasting in pre-industrial societies. As an important barometer of cultural change, feasting is at the forefront of theoretical developments in archaeology. The Power of Feasts … Continue reading

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Anthropology as Theoretical Storytelling

Anthropologists are storytellers. We tell stories: other’s stories, our own stories, stories about other’s stories. But when I think about anthropology and storytelling, I think also of something else, of anthropology as theoretical storytelling. What is anthropology as theoretical storytelling? … Continue reading

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The World Until Yesterday: What Can We Learn from Traditional Societies?

In The World Until Yesterday, Jared Diamond reveals how traditional societies around the world offer an extraordinary window onto how our ancestors lived for the majority of human history – until virtually yesterday, in evolutionary terms – and provide unique, … Continue reading

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