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Human evolution: why we’re more than great apes

Palaeoanthropologists have used the anatomical signs of bipedalism to identify our earli­est ancestors, demonstrating our shared genetic heritage with great apes. However, despite this shared history, human evolution set out on a trajectory that has led to significant distinctions from … Continue reading

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Evolution in Leaps: The punctuated Accumulation and Loss of Cultural Innovations

Archaeological accounts of cultural change reveal a fundamental conflict: Some suggest that change is gradual, accelerating over time, whereas others indicate that it is punctuated, with long periods of stasis interspersed by sudden gains or losses of multiple traits. Existing … Continue reading

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Change in Society can arise only from Cultural Change

Change in society can arise only from cultural change. Literature and Literary Studies represent subsystems within a more comprehensive cultural system in which all patterns of experience and processing of reality are generated, maintained and transformed. Cultural and social transformation … Continue reading

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The Power of Feasts – From Prehistory to the Present

In this book, Brian Hayden provides the first comprehensive, theoretical work on the history of feasting in pre-industrial societies. As an important barometer of cultural change, feasting is at the forefront of theoretical developments in archaeology. The Power of Feasts … Continue reading

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La Social Organization è una Sfida Culturale

I social media si stanno gradualmente affermando anche in ambito aziendale, dove vengono utilizzati al fine di migliorare produttività e collaborazione interna. In questo scenario il web 2.0 è da intendersi come una componente abilitante, che mette a disposizione piattaforme … Continue reading

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Libraries, Social Movements, and Cultural Change – Toward an Alternative Conceptualization of Culture

While sociological conceptualizations of culture span a wide range of metaphors, from codes to elephants to toolkits, they are often insufficiently attuned to the processes through which cultural challenges are advanced by individual and collective actors, and the place of … Continue reading

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