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Homo sapiens outlasted Neanderthals because they evolved to be social

Neanderthals may have survived if they evolved to look out for each other like we humans did. Physically, there doesn’t seem to have been much of a difference between us and our evolutionary cousins. Aside from being a little stockier … Continue reading

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Survival of the Friendliest: Homo sapiens Evolved via Selection for Prosociality

The challenge of studying human cognitive evolution is identifying unique features of our intelligence while explaining the processes by which they arose. Comparisons with nonhuman apes point to our early-emerging cooperative-communicative abilities as crucial to the evolution of all forms of human cultural cognition, … Continue reading

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On the pan-African origin of Homo sapiens

Fossil evidence points to an African origin of Homo sapiens from a group called either H. heidelbergensis or H. rhodesiensis. However, the exact place and time of emergence of H. sapiens remain obscure because the fossil record is scarce and the chronological age of … Continue reading

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