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Immersion in Indigenous Agriculture and Transformational Learning

This article is an autoethnography of the author’s four‐year transformational educational journey ​studying, working, and conducting research on indigenous agriculture while living and participating in indigenous communities in Latin America. Autoethnographic methods are used here to explore personal identity and … Continue reading

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Time and Memory in Indigenous Amazonia: Anthropological Perspectives

These groundbreaking essays by internationally renowned anthropologists advance a simple argument–that native Amazonian societies are highly dynamic. Change and transformation define the indigenous history of the Amazon from before European conquest to the present. Based on recent ethnographic fieldwork and … Continue reading

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Indigenous Knowledge for Sustainable Agriculture and Rural Development

Indigenous knowledge can play a key role in the design of sustainable agricultural systems, increasing the likelihood that rural populations will accept, develop, and maintain innovations and interventions. They have names for many different kinds of plants, ways to diagnose … Continue reading

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Intellectual Property, Indigenous People and their Knowledge

After colonization, indigenous people faced an extractive property rights regime for both their land and knowledge. This book outlines that regime, and how the symbolic function of international intellectual property continues today to assist states to enclose indigenous peoples’ knowledge. … Continue reading

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