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A New Culture of Learning

The 21st century is a world in constant change. In A New Culture of Learning, Douglas Thomas and John Seely Brown pursue an understanding of how the forces of change, and emerging waves of interest associated with these forces, inspire … Continue reading

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Culture and Early Childhood Learning

During the period from birth to 5 years of age, children undergo massive transformations in size, biological organization, behavioral capacities, and the social organization of experience that greatly complicate our understanding of the relation between culture and their learning processes. … Continue reading

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Learning in Cultural Context – Family, Peers and School

This book is the product of a series of workshops, focused on sociocultural theory and its applications to learning. The workshops focused primarily on three related questions of shared interest: What are the best conditions for learning? How can we … Continue reading

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Classroom culture decisive for learning

Teachers must exploit pupil culture to enhance teaching, according to new study. The culture in a classroom is not only important for the social environment; it is also decisive for the learning process. “Anyone who is going to lead a … Continue reading

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