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La Supervivencia de la Cultura – Pierre Bourdieu

¿Es todavía posible hoy, y por cuánto tiempo todavía, hablar de actividades culturales y de cultura en general? Me parece que la lógica cada vez más empujada por la velocidad y por el beneficio, que se expresa en la lucha … Continue reading

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Cultural Divide: Parenting Style Ensures Inequality

The sociologist argued that middle-class kids are raised in a way that provides them with the skills necessary to remain in the middle class. Lareau writes that the working class and the middle class have very different methods of raising … Continue reading

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Cultural Sociology

Cultural sociology aims at incorporating the central role of meaning-making into the analysis of social phenomena. This article presents an overview of cultural sociology, focusing on its main theoretical frames, methodological strategies and empirical investigations. It compares two different ways … Continue reading

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Relationship between approaches to Cognition in Cultural Sociology

In this paper we attempt to characterize the key differences and points of convergence between two contemporary approaches to the relationship between culture and cognition in sociology which we label the toolkit and strong practice theory perspectives. We follow recent … Continue reading

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Libraries, Social Movements, and Cultural Change – Toward an Alternative Conceptualization of Culture

While sociological conceptualizations of culture span a wide range of metaphors, from codes to elephants to toolkits, they are often insufficiently attuned to the processes through which cultural challenges are advanced by individual and collective actors, and the place of … Continue reading

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